Hey Guys! Last weekend I went on a trip to Watford with a group of friends to go and visit the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour! I had been wanting to go here since I moved to London so I was so excited. I took pictures of everything that I could, enjoy!

We all took the trip from Highbury & Islington in North London to Watford Junction. It took about 2 hours but it went very quickly. When we arrived at the station we had to take the special bus to Warner Bros Studios. On the bus they showed a small film, teaching us about the history of the studios and to get us pumped up for the tour.

When we got into the building we were greeted with three hand casts of the main characters. Daniel's and Rubert's were way too big for me, but Emma's tiny hands where a perfect fit.

We started the tour and was shown a short video and shown to the doors of the great hall, after a small intro off one of the staff members we entered, it was just as magical as in the movies. We got to take as many pictures as we wanted and to explore the clothes around us that were all worn by the actual actors.

As we walked around the first part of the tour we got to see the Gryfifndor common room, Dumbledore's office, The Burrow, the Potions classroom and much more. It was great to watch all of the small videos next to the sets which explain more about the sets and how they were designed.

After leaving the first half of the tour we entered the Cafe that served lots of food and of course, Butter beer. We all sat down to have a snack and to enjoy a huge cup of the wonderful drink that tastes like fizzy Weathers Originals, a classic British sweet! Some people like it and some don't. I could live off the stuff!

The last part of the tour although the shortest was definitely the best for me, it showed how much talent went into making Harry Potter, and it showed the people who's name's weren't at the top of the credits in there true light, geniuses.

This part of the tour contains the replica of Hogwarts Castle which they used to do a lot of the effects with, screens were placed all around to let people see where this sculpture was used within the film and it was amazing. I have played a lot of the video games for Harry Potter and it was like being transported into this, it was truly amazing.

We we came out of the tour we came into the gift shop which was decorated in every way that you can imagine. I wanted to buy everything there. My favourite things to look at was the sweets and the decorations, I am defiantly going to save up for some of this stuff as it is amazing.

In conclusion I loved the tour, my ticket was £33 which seems costly but as a huge Harry Potter fan it is 100% worth it and you will not regret getting a ticket. I am going to recommend everyone I know to go to this as it is such and amazing gift to be able to see the sets that you grew up watching and to enter a world that you dreamed of entering since you was eight years old. As you can tell I am a huge Harry Potter fan.





Hey Guys, If you keep up with me on social media (which you should!) You would have noticed that last week I went to Amsterdam for a week away.

I went with my boyfriend Daniel and we took some time for us and just to go on our first holiday together. As you guys know we are a long distance couple so it was really special for us to take a week away together and it was amazing.


When we got into Amsterdam I wanted to stop off to try a find a small shop to be able to cook a meal on our first night in the city, as soon as I got off at Centraal Station I was stunned at how beautiful the city was. I had to take a few snaps instantly!


This was the neighbourhood that me and Dan stayed in for a week, it was about 15 minutes into the center and it was great to live among the locals and really experience the lifestyle. We got a huge apartment on Airbnb which I didn't want to leave!


The first morning we both woke up early for a day of culture, we visted two museums the Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum which are both must see's!

We eventually found the way to the Hard Rock Cafe which Dan had been wanting to go to. I had the best veggie burger in the world here. It was so close to meat that I had to inspect it as I became suspicious! Even though the meal was a bit pricey I was so full after and loved every bite!

If you find yourself in Amsterdam I recommend taking a trip to Vondelpark. It it huge, absolutely gorgeous and full of bikes, I took way too many pictures here. You cannot take a bad picture in this park. 


We woke up early the next morning and travelled to the Anne Frank house, which I loved. It was so interesting to see the place where not one, but two family's hid during the war.

It was a very emotional place and it was incredible to find out more about Anne Frank, I had up until recently only watched documentries about her and I was intrigued to learn more. 

I didn't take any pictures whilst I was in the Anne Frank house as I personally felt it wasn't appropriate to have a photo of me smiling outside or inside a house that represented so much.

After we wandered down to a local flea market which I loved, it was great to see all of the beautiful jewellery and clothes that were hand made. I got some presents from here as did Dan and we tried to find our way back into Central to get something to eat.

As we were confusingly looking at the signs a local man and his wife asked us if we needed help, and after a small conversation of where we was after they took us to there local bar where he bought us a drink and taught us about the area we was in and Amsterdam in general, it was fascinating to learn more about the city from someone that had grew up there. I was also stunned by his generosity.

So thank you kind stranger, you made my day <3


One of the best things that we did was go to this amazing green house resteraunt in the middle of a park called Restaurant De Kas. This place serves amazing high quality fresh organic food. They grow most of the vegetables on the grounds and anything that they cannot grow they get from local sources.

The other great thing is that there is no set menu as it changes everyday, so you have to tell them what you don't eat and they can edit the set menu to suit you which is amazing. I loved this place and would recommend it to anyone going to Amsterdam, I swear that you will not be disappointed!

I hope that you liked this blog post, I want to do one of these every time that I go away to make sure that I document and remember my trip. I thoroughly loved Amsterdam and hopefully one day I would like to go there again, but until that time I want to explore the rest of Europe and my own country.

As usual please follow me on all of the usual social media to keep updated and I will see you soon!!


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