Wow guys it's been a while. I've missed posting so much! It's been just over a month since my last post and I have hated it! But not to worry I am back and I have been getting some posts planned for you guys.


This post is something that I have had planned for a while but I never did it because I didn't know if you guys would like it. But I feel a lot more people are getting interested in the topic of webdesign and coding.

When I moved to London I started to slowly learn HTML & CSS on Codecademy when I had an hour after work. I finished the course and I have recently "topped up" my knowledge on Khan Academy as well. I thought of this post when one of my friends asked what she should do to learn herself, each course has it's own benefits and drawbacks so here is what I found:


When I first got interested in designing websites and apps I did some digging online and happened to find this website. Codecademy is a free site that is dedicated to teaching people how to code. Many of it's students have gone off and developed full time careers as web designers because of this site setting them up for success.

I felt that this was very easy to use and they talk you through everything you need to know. The best thing that I liked about Codecademy is that even if you only have half an hour they have small tasks for you to complete to make sure that you are practising as often as you can.

Every time that you complete a section it gives you a badge! I know that doesn't sound super impressive but if you are as competitive as I am it ends up becoming a game trying to "collect" as many badges as you can!

The thing that I didn't like its that with the tutorials you have to read most of it. Which can sometimes be tedious. There are no videos or fun games that you can play and I feel that adding this to the site could really help visual and kinetic learners such as myself a lot more than just the reading all the time.

I completed the HTML and CSS course on this last year whilst working full time. I only did it an hour every night and got through it fairly quickly. The site also hosts a lot of other classes so if you are feeling brave you can venture onto Javascript, Ruby or Rails after.


After feeling that I still needed to learn a bit more about HTML and CSS I found Khan Academy whilst looking for more free online courses. Khan Academy is another educational site that teaches you about all kinds of stuff not just web design.

Unfortunately it only teaches you about HTML, CSS and Javascript so far. Which is still good for a newbie like me, but when you have finished the courses available you will have to find other sites to continue your studies.

The best thing about this site is that the tutorials are all videos that show you what you are doing first. You can watch these as often or as little as you like. The courses seem to pass by a lot quicker than Codecademy and I found that it was slightly easier too. So I will always recommend to do these courses first and then move onto Codecademy if you want to top up your knowledge.

As rewards go, when you sign up to the site you get a small avatar that as you learn it grows. It really appeals to the 90's Tamagotchi side of me and I think it's a great feeling when my small poop shaped animal grows up into a poop with a leaf growing out of it's head... Proud Mum.



I feel that both of these are essential to get a good basic knowledge of HTML & CSS. If you want to know more you will have to take the plunge and build a site yourself (something that has been taking my time up recently).

As problems arise you should be able to Google and find out the solutions on your own and improve that way. By no way will you be a computer programming expert by completing any just these programs, but they will give you a great starting point to begin your career as a computer programmer.

Personally I would start off on Khan Academy, as it is like having a teacher with you talking you through the process, and I feel that the course flies by because of this. I would then go to Codecademy as a more challenging course that will top up your knowledge and push you a bit more and then you can always try the other courses such as Javascript to carry on your path.


I hope you enjoyed this post, as I said it is very different from my usual posts but I hope that it will help anyone who is interested in programming.

I am going to be doing a health post next time! So make sure to follow me on all of the usual social media and keep updated!


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