Hey Guys! Today I am going to be doing a review on Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser. I finished this product about a week ago now and as it is completely used up I feel like I can give a full review on what my final opinions were.

First about the brand, Yes To is a skin care brand that has a huge range of natural skin care products that combat a range of different problems, I have used a few things from this brand such as the cucumber skin care wipes and the face wash from the same range. The brand is also cruelty free and most of the products are vegan (some products contain beeswax or honey)

As soon as I put this on my face the smell of tomatoes and watermelon hit me, Yes To products contain the natural ingredients in it so all of their products will smell exactly as what's on the tin. I loved being able to smell the product, it smelt fresh and non-toxic (I hate when things smell like you could clean the kitchen with it.)

The cleanser comes out of the bottle clear and after dampening your face with warm water you apply a small about to your skin and wash as usual. I am very lazy when it comes to skincare so if I am wearing make-up I will usually wash my face with this twice so that it comes off. It is not a heavy duty cleanser so it won't take every scrap of make-up of but it is very gentle and after cleansing your face feels fresh and happy.

After using this product up and looking at the difference it has made to my skin I am very happy, my skin is less angry and looks healthier and has more of a glow, I don't think this is amazing for getting rid of acne of hyperpigmentation but if you have oily skin and not much of a problem with acne then you are going to love this. I feel like I would repurchase this in the future for when my skin is angry or red this helps it wonderfully.

You can buy the YES to Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Clarifying Cleanser from Amazon for £7.99


I hope you enjoyed this post. I am always switching up my skincare to find better products and explore new brands so I will be posting a lot more unique brands of here soon!

Have you tried the Yes To brand? What do you think about it?


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  1. Great review! I wish I could get my hands on this but they don't sell Yes To products anywhere, where I live.

    Mystic Tales


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