PitROK Crystal Roll On Review

Hey Guys! Today I am doing a review on PitROK's Crystal Deodorant. Bit of a weird one, to be reviewing deodorant online for the world to see, but this is special and I needed to tell you all about it. I bought this wonderful roll-on from FeelUnique a long time ago and I have been sparingly using this because of how
good it is!

I bought this on a whim as I was looking for a nice cruelty-free deodorant that I could try out. I bought this for my graduation almost a year ago (that's how little I have been using it!) and I felt that the price tag was justified for this special occasion. 

When I first opened it I remember the smell hitting me... It's amazing! It's a very light and floral girly scent that smells like it came straight out of a perfume bottle. And this was a huge win. I hate the usual deodorant smell that this was such a pleasant change.

As for the formula, this is great for sensitive skin as it doesn't irritate which is great as I'm never uncomfortable whilst wearing this.

This only downside of this deodorant is that the staying power isn't amazing. It's perfect when I am at work or if I'm going shopping. But if it's boiling or I'm going to be going to the gym. This will just not cut it. I do think that I will buy this again, but I want to try other cruelty-free and more natural deodorants first.

You can buy this on FeelUnique for £4.99


I hope you enjoyed this post, I feel like I need to explain for the lack of posts last week: It was an insane week for me and I was kept very busy with personal stuff, work and having a social life (for once). I really hope you don't mind me taking a break every now and again. Thank you so much for your continued support! :)



  1. Hey that's a great post <3 I also love reviews!
    The deodorant looks very cute!
    I like your blog, so I want to follow you now.
    We hope you also look on our blog.
    XoX Daily Dreams from

    1. Hey! Yes I will definitely check you out! Thanks so much for visiting! xx


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