Hey Guys! Today I am doing my first ever What's In My Bag Post!

Whenever I watch YouTube videos or read other people's blogs I am always gravitated towards the usual Favourites, What's In My Bag and all of that good stuff. I'm a very nosey person (like everyone!) and I love to know what people are like and are using on an everyday basis.


My bag is a 14" Classic Black Leather Satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. It has been gold embossed with my initials and I got it as a christmas present from my Dad on Christmas 2013. I use this as a work bag mostly, it has a professional look that can fit everything I need in for work, but sometimes if I am going on a day trip I will take this with me.


Now for all of the stuff in my bag, these are my usual day bag items. Besides the usual receipts, loose change and a few business cards floating around this is all that will ever be in my bag.

I have the full 8 pen set of these, they are amazing for hand lettering, illustrations or anything artsy. They are my go to pen and I always have one lying around incase I need to jot something down asap.

2. Primark - Power Bank.
I have a smartphone and although the battery life is a tiny bit better than an iPhone (I have the Samsung Galaxy S4) it is still a smart phone and I am always on it and taking photos, playing a game or on Whats App. This is a super cheap portable charger from Primark that costs around £5. It only charges your phone once, but that is usually all I need it for.

3. Mentos Gum.
I love to have gum with me at all times, I like to have it after I eat to help keep my mouth fresh, I always buy the tubs of chewing gum as the packs go down too quickly for me.

 I have a habit of buying huge purses and filling them with rubbish that I don't need. This tiny purse is perfect as it means I only take what I need with my at all times, it also fits into most bags easily. As it is quite old I couldn't find the exact one online, but I have linked the closest one.

These are another lifesaver product, I like to have face wipes with me wherever I am because you never know what will happen. I mentioned these wipes in my March Favourites and I either have this size or the travel size pack with me at all times.
I love this deodorant, it's cruelty-free, small enough to come with me anywhere and it smells like perfume. I love having it with me as it starts to get into the warmer months of the year, because I - like most humans, sweat, so it's always nice to have around for when you need it.
I love to have a small perfume with me wherever I go incase I decide to go somewhere nice or if the perfume I'm wearing fades throughout the day, I love this one from The Body Shop which smells very seductive yet girly.

8. London Oyster Card.
Where would I be without this? With living in London this is a must have. It's cheaper than pay as you go or contactless, you can use it for nearly every mode of transport, and as I have a monthly pass on it, it means that I can run around London as much as I like which paying just one standard fare. Whoop!
I never go anywhere without a good book or my Kindle. It fits in most of my bags as it is so petite and because I am a book worm, if I am sat down for longer than five minutes on my own I need this to keep me entertained. Plus it's better for the environment and cheaper to read on a device.

Being a Graphic Designer I always need to have my business cards handy, I take them with me everyday and even on holiday. You never know when you will meet a good contact and always having your business cards handy makes you look so much more professional.

London is a very dirty place full of people with colds and sticky fingers. Having this is a must if you go anywhere outside, plan on touching anything and especially if you go on the tube. This has stopped me from getting so many colds. I also love the scent of this gel, it's not the usual alcohol smell which always puts me off other hand gels.

 This has seen better days, and it is in need of a good wash, but it is such a good quality umbrella (never thought I'd say that). I have broken every umbrella I've ever owned to the point of not owning one for about two years until I got this. It is hard wearing and it has lasted in my hands nearly three years, which is a miracle for me. It is an expensive umbrella, but I've saved money owning this than buying a million and one cheaper umbrellas.

I love my Tangle Teezer. I really need to invest in the compact one but for now this will do. I have crazy thick, frizzy and knotty nightmare hair, so if I need to go anywhere nice or if it is a windy day I will need this to keep things under control.

Another must have, I get really dry hands and cuticles so having this around is a must. If I get dry cuticles I have the worst habit to pick at them and make the situation a lot worse, so keeping everything moisturised is key to stop that from happening!


Well guys that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and keep checking back for more, I will be doing another weekend wonders this weekend as it is Easter and I have a couple of cool things planned which I am very excited to do and to share with you. 

What things do you like to keep in your bag? Let me know in the comments so I can add to my ever growing collection!



  1. Love all the stuff in you bag :) I would do a similar post like this but 99% of my bag is filled with paper and and pens :P


    1. Haha yeah, a big part of my bag is receipts and pennies which because they aren't the most beautiful things in the world I didn't photograph, I instead mentioned them :P Thanks! xx

  2. Great post, I didn't even know primark runs power banks, I'm definitely going to get my hands on one! :)
    The Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes, in the big stores I think. They are great and I always have mine on me, it's come in handy so many times both for me and for my friends too :) xx

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and really love it - subbing for sure!
    P.S your satchel is so beautiful! x

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you so much!! :D xx

    2. Hi Rachel, thank you so much!! :D xx


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