Hey Guys! As usual this is going to be another of my weekend wonders! I have had such an amazing weekend and I am so happy to tell you all what I have been upto; Also, at the end of this blog there is going to be a small life update that I feel I need to let you all in on! Enjoy!


On Friday I was in work as usual, as it was Friday we was able to finish slightly earlier and go home for the day. This weekend I went up north to see my family and boyfriend to spend time with them. I waited until 9pm when my train was due in and took the two hour train to Wigan North Western to be picked up by my very tired boyfriend.


Saturday was the highlight of the weekend, my boyfriend had planned a surprise for me and I didn't bother him about it (which is very unlike me) and let it happen.

I was very amazed, we woke up early as I had a hair appointment booked and on the way back he just started to drive a different way. Turns out the plan was to drive to the Lake District for a hike up Old Man Coniston- a small mountain. My boyfriend had researched it all, bought me some walking boots and decided we was going there. I have never been on a hike before and I have always wanted to go and I loved it. For my first time it was hard for me, but I would definitely do it again.



Sunday was very relaxed, me and Dan had a lie in watched some Netflix and plodded around all morning until we decided to get up and see some family, I love having relaxing Sundays to get me ready for a busy week at work.

When I went to visit my Dad he spent the day in the garden so I got to spend time with my dogs who I miss every minute of every day, it was so good to see them happy and healthy and just as happy to see me too! p.s- it took so much effort to get the photo of them together.

After saying goodbye to my Dad and the dogs me and Dan drove back to Wigan were we wondered around for a while and sat inside Starbucks for a drink and a chat. After a sad goodbye I was back on the train to London and back home.



As many of you have realised I have missed a couple of standard blog posts of late. This was due to my probation period at work coming to an end, so I was updating my portfolio and website, looking around for jobs near me and panicking about what would happen if I wasn't able to continue with the company I am with at the moment.

Well, good news! I am now a official full time employee! I can relax a bit more at start being more comfortable in London. I say a bit more as my portfolio does need a revamp and I want to learn so many things, but hopefully I should be able to balance that with my blogging. My blogging isn't for profit (yet) and because of that there's no schedule of posts, I have my weekly design favourites and my weekend wonders that I like to do regularly as well as my monthly favourites that is due next week actually! I hope you understand I love blogging, it's an amazing hobby and creative output for me, so I will never stop now I have the bug, but just keep in mind, I am very busy! :)


I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for being amazing readers! I love you all! 

Let me know in the comments what you got upto this weekend, big or small I love to know what you have been upto!


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