Hey Guys! Today I am going to do a review on Tresemme's Perfectly (un)done sea foam.

I was given this sample size with last weeks Stylist Magazine in London and since then I have been testing it out to see what I think of it.

I am already a fan of Tresemme's products and I have been using them on and off since high school. I think that they are good quality and good value for money.

Inside the magazine it gives you different ways that you can use the foam to help style your curls more effectively. I read over these ways and mixed the suggestions together to make my own style.

The way that I used it (I have thick and naturally wavy/frizzy hair) was to towel dry my hair as best as I could straight after the shower. I then use the foam on the ends of my hair and blow dried my hair upside down.

After this my hair had TONS of volume and my waves were more exaggerated than usual. I then took my GHD's and went over random sections and curled them. I also curlled the front sections of my hair but spent more time on these to look "perfect". The last step was to run my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls and spray with my Superdrug hairspray.

At the end of the day when I came back from a day out in the sun I checked up on my hair and it surprised me, usually my curls would of fell but these were still perky (they did fall but they were better than usual!)

This was a perfect everyday look and would also transition nicely into a night out or if you went for a meal. Overall I would give this product a:


I think that this product would be great for straight haired girls, but my hair is already curly so I feel it does help, and I will use up the last of this but it doesn't help enough for me to consider buying it again, I think sea salt spray does more for my locks.

You can buy Tresemme's perfectly (un)done sea foam from Amazon for £5.50 and if you are a thick haired girl you can also buy Tresemme's Sea Salt spray on Amazon for £5.50 too!


Thanks for reading this review, I haven't done a weekend wonders this week as I had a very simple weekend. Next weekend I am going back up north to see my family and friends so I will definitely take lots of pictures for you to look at!



  1. Sounds like a great product. I am always looking for things to get some movement to my straight hair.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I recommend this, personally it was a little "too much" for my already crazy hair. But for you lucky straight haired girls this would work wonders! :) Thanks! xx

  2. I've never tried anything with Sea Kelp extract before, but I'll look out for this next time I'm in Boots! I love sea salt spray too :-) x


    1. Yes sea salt spray was my obsession when I hand long hair. I just sprayed it in and ran. So easy! I still use it now on my short hair :) It's perfect! :) xx


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