Hey Guys, I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! This post has been delayed as I wanted to include the full Easter weekend.

My boyfriend Dan came down to visit, so we wanted to make this weekend fun for the both of us yet still have time to lazy around and watch the rest of Friends. He came down late on Thursday, so after work ended we just got a takeaway from pizza express and ate that at mine and watched Netflix.



We both decided to get off our lazy bums and do something. As much as bed was calling out to me, I hate wasting the day so I had to force myself up and move. We decided to make a quick trip to Brixton which is at the end of the tube line that I am on. We have both had never been there before and I was craving Ms. Cupcakes again

After getting there and buying a red velvet cupcake we thought that the area as a whole day out wasn't going to happen, so we made a trip to our usual day out which is Stratford Mall. We always end up here, and this weekend was no exception. We wandered around and I stocked up on a few essentials and bought a birthday present for my Auntie from Lush.

Half way through the day we decided to grab a Starbucks and I nibbled on my cupcake, I loved it, as usual. It's nice to treat yourself to your favourite snacks every now and again. We sat and spoke for a good couple of hours and just people watched, it was lovely just to take time out and have a laugh just the both of us.



After spending the whole morning in bed watching Netflix we decided to go to an exhibition, we originally had planned to go to the Design Museum and see the new exhibition there, but as we didn't have time we went to the Wellcome Collections: Forensics Exhibition, which had been wanting to see as well, it was amazing.

You got to see every part of how a forensics team takes apart the crime and uses the evidence to find out what happened. It delved all the way back to the history of forensics and how times have changed. Even though it was a bit creepy in places, it was still extremely interesting, especially to me who is obsessed with true crime stories.

We got to get our hands dirty too and learn how to take fingerprints like a pro. I wasn't that good and it was only at the end that I started to get the hang of it... It's harder than it looks! At the end of the day we ended up pottering around Oxford Circus and getting annoyed at tourists. Which is always fun.



Another lazy day of not moving and doing a few chores that had started to pile up considering that their was two of us making a mess now and now just one. We gave each other our Easter goodies (Dan did good this year!) and munched on these for a while, and after an hour deciding on what to do with the rest of the day we decided to go back to Westfield mall.

We went and ate a lovely meal at Wagamama's and watched Insurgent at the Vue. We decided to get the VIP seats as we both loved the first Divergent and wanted to watch the sequel in style. The film was just as good as I thought it would be and I also loved the ending. I really need to read the books, as a bookworm I am letting myself down.



The weather was lovely so we slowly took ourselves back to the Westfield mall and enjoyed the sunshine whilst we were doing it. We wanted to get our hair cut which is the original reason we went back, but after being told it was a two hour wait decided to go window shopping instead. Dan saw a lovely jacket he wanted to look at again, and I stuck lucky in Zara and bought some gorgeous jeans to start off my summer wardrobe.

After working up an appetite with "window shopping" we both decided to get a mexican from a place we walked past the day before. It accommodated both meat eaters, Vegetarians, Vegans and people who are Gluten-Free. Having a separate menu for all so it's easy to decide what you want to eat, and as a fussy eater this was great! I got the mushroom fajitas which made my belly very happy and even made my carnivore boyfriend jealous! I love places like this that can bring everyone together regardless of their needs just to enjoy great food!

Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to Dan a couple of hours later, so after he was a gentleman and helped me with my weekly shop he had to leave to go back up north. Which is the hardest thing about a long distance relationship, but I will be seeing him in two weeks when I go and visit him!


I hope that you all liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, I love writing these as they are like a small diary entry to myself. If I am honest I really struggled trying to not overload you with pictures as I took a lot that weekend. Thanks for reading!

What did you get upto this Easter weekend?



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