This weekend has been one of my busiest in a while. I had a wonderful weekend which involved new friends, lots of food and a rainy Sunday and lots of blogging.


So I met up with my friends at stupid o'clock in the morning at King's Cross Station. It was my first time there. So I took a moment to admire the beautiful architecture throughout the station.

After a hour and a half train ride we finally arrived to beautiful Brighton (well, maybe not so beautiful today). It was very cold and I didn't wear enough clothes, I complained about this multiple times.

I have never been to a Vegfest before and I was completely taken away by everything on offer, there was beautiful shoes, clothes and accessories all cruelty free and such high quality. I was very impressed. I kept on asking if things were vegan because I just couldn't get my head around half of the stuff.

We then went to see a few comedians perform so it was time to grab a drink and enjoy the show, I really enjoyed the comedians especially Jake Yapp and Chris Stokes. I loved both of their sets and I am definitely planning on seeing them again! I tried the Blush Cider from the bar and I was very impressed, it was very good stuff for all of you fellow vegetarians who are looking to find other drinks other than the one Kopparberg.

I also took a trip down to Ms. Cupcake. Ms. Cupcake is a legend in the vegan/vegetarian world and I am so lucky to have her shop right here in London, but I have never had a chance to go, so I took this opportunity to try some of her stuff and it was just as good if not better than what I have been told, they were gooey, melt in your mouth treats and even though one cookie probably had enough sugar to last me a year, I would have happily eaten about six more, straight after. 

So onto what I bought, if I am honest I didn't buy as much as I thought I would, I was very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I could buy that I barely bought anything. I did buy a lot of stuff to eat whilst I was there too, like cakes and cookies and a crazy good hamburger from Vbites.


// My favourite dairy free 'milk' Koko

// Six bars of Moo Free chocolate.

// A Mahalo bar which is a vegan alternative to the american Almond Joy

// Jasons Coconut Body Wash (expect a review on this soon!)

// Primals Texas BBQ vegan beef jerky (for my boyfriend as I don't like anything too meaty)

All in all I loved spending time with my friends eating too many free samples and having an amazing day out. The next Vegfest is the weekend of 23rd of May 2015 and you will definitely be seeing me there and I will be buying a lot more than I did this weekend.


Sunday was a bit of a slow and boring grown-up day, doing my weekly shop and getting my chores done. I've done quite of bit of blogging this weekend as I feel that I need to catch up with you guys from having a holiday break, I missed you and I feel that I have a ton to tell you now.


I enjoyed letting you guys know what I have been upto this weekend and I hope to make these into frequent posts so that you guys can get to know me more and my interests. They won't all be so heavily vegetarian as I understand that not everyone is interested in it.

What have you been upto this weekend?


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