I am a huge book worm, I will always have either a book or my kindle in my bag at all times, even in my teeny tiny day bags, I WILL swish a kindle in there, to me it's an essential. 
I read both fiction and nonfiction depending on my mood, with fiction I will read pretty much any genre as long as theirs words on the page, I'm game.

With nonfiction I pretty much only read design books, over the past 3-4 years I have built up quite a big library of design books. I have read the majority of them but usually my friends will ask me what books I get and it they are worth spending the crazy amount that design
books are.

So instead of telling people over and over again, this book review section of my blog will be great for me to refer my friends to, as everyone hates to repeat themselves.

So without further ado, this is my opinion of the design book: It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be - Paul Arden.

Design: The book on the whole is beautifully designed, the layout has been well thought out and because of this it is very easy and entertaining to read. The large pictures and beautiful typography makes me want to stare at every page like a art piece.

Advice: This book for advice is one of the bests in my opinion, it is short and sweet so you are not going to get bored after reading it for a couple of days and the advice is so simple and obvious you will feel yourself get annoyed that you didn't think of some of the stuff, and as cliche as it sounds, whilst reading this book a lot of light bulb moments will go off in your head. The book has good advice for ANYONE in a creative subject, not just graphic design, it discusses creativity and how to advance in your career and how to get better at your job - amazing advice and stories all crammed into one tiny book.

Conclusion: This book is a must for anyone who works in a creative environment, it is a small book so it is great for the tube or whilst you're waiting and because of the way that the book is set out it is easy to set down and pick back up again. The design is beautiful and will look good on any coffee table or book shelf and if you are a creative. It will help you, it will put a lot of things in perspective, and you will be better because of that.

I got mine from Brick Lane in London, but you can get it for £4.79 from Amazon.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, I have a lot of design books and products to review so if you are into that keep checking back for more!


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