This weekend has been one of my busiest in a while. I had a wonderful weekend which involved new friends, lots of food and a rainy Sunday and lots of blogging.


So I met up with my friends at stupid o'clock in the morning at King's Cross Station. It was my first time there. So I took a moment to admire the beautiful architecture throughout the station.

After a hour and a half train ride we finally arrived to beautiful Brighton (well, maybe not so beautiful today). It was very cold and I didn't wear enough clothes, I complained about this multiple times.

I have never been to a Vegfest before and I was completely taken away by everything on offer, there was beautiful shoes, clothes and accessories all cruelty free and such high quality. I was very impressed. I kept on asking if things were vegan because I just couldn't get my head around half of the stuff.

We then went to see a few comedians perform so it was time to grab a drink and enjoy the show, I really enjoyed the comedians especially Jake Yapp and Chris Stokes. I loved both of their sets and I am definitely planning on seeing them again! I tried the Blush Cider from the bar and I was very impressed, it was very good stuff for all of you fellow vegetarians who are looking to find other drinks other than the one Kopparberg.

I also took a trip down to Ms. Cupcake. Ms. Cupcake is a legend in the vegan/vegetarian world and I am so lucky to have her shop right here in London, but I have never had a chance to go, so I took this opportunity to try some of her stuff and it was just as good if not better than what I have been told, they were gooey, melt in your mouth treats and even though one cookie probably had enough sugar to last me a year, I would have happily eaten about six more, straight after. 

So onto what I bought, if I am honest I didn't buy as much as I thought I would, I was very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I could buy that I barely bought anything. I did buy a lot of stuff to eat whilst I was there too, like cakes and cookies and a crazy good hamburger from Vbites.


// My favourite dairy free 'milk' Koko

// Six bars of Moo Free chocolate.

// A Mahalo bar which is a vegan alternative to the american Almond Joy

// Jasons Coconut Body Wash (expect a review on this soon!)

// Primals Texas BBQ vegan beef jerky (for my boyfriend as I don't like anything too meaty)

All in all I loved spending time with my friends eating too many free samples and having an amazing day out. The next Vegfest is the weekend of 23rd of May 2015 and you will definitely be seeing me there and I will be buying a lot more than I did this weekend.


Sunday was a bit of a slow and boring grown-up day, doing my weekly shop and getting my chores done. I've done quite of bit of blogging this weekend as I feel that I need to catch up with you guys from having a holiday break, I missed you and I feel that I have a ton to tell you now.


I enjoyed letting you guys know what I have been upto this weekend and I hope to make these into frequent posts so that you guys can get to know me more and my interests. They won't all be so heavily vegetarian as I understand that not everyone is interested in it.

What have you been upto this weekend?




Hey Guys, today I am going to be showing you my March Favourites!

Originally I wanted to post another monthly Netflix favourites, but when I realised I had so much that I wanted to tell you about I decided to mash it all up together and do a monthly favourites instead, so now there is something for everyone.



I used to only wear primers for special occasions or in summer to stop makeup from melting off my face. But as I was being shade matched for a foundation at Debenhams the artist said that using a primer with the below foundation would help it stay put for longer.

After using this five days a week for just over a month now I am in love. I am now a primer girl! It makes my skin so smooth and it's a million times easier to apply make-up. It also doesn't make my foundation go patchy AND I have no allergic reaction to it what-so-ever (I have stupidly sensitive skin).



As I said above I have horrible sensitive skin, with most types of makeup after about an hour of wearing it, it starts to itch, like crazy. And I usually end up coming home from work with scratch marks all over my face (yup, that bad).

I finally took out my purse and purchased this Bareminerals Matte Powder Foundation. I have been hugely skeptical about this product but now that I have tried it I am very impressed, it has amazing coverage, it matches my complexion perfectly and it doesn't itch! This is a holy grail product for me now!



I am always on a hunt for something to give my skin a bit of a pick me up. This month I have been loving this mask by Lush. Not only does it treat your skin it also acts as a great face scrub too! I usually use this just after I come out of the shower when all of my pores are open and let it do it's business.

It has a satisfying tingling effect at first but when it drys and you take it off your skin is amazingly smooth! As I am living in London and I have oily skin all the pollution and dirt can clog my pores so easily so this has been a lifesaver to keep my skin as healthy as possible.



As soon as I come in after work all I want to do is take my makeup off and relax. Cheap face wipes can irritate and burn my skin easily so using soft and gently wipes like these makes things go a lot smoother.

They are expensive for face wipes but all you have to use is one and it gets everything off, unlike the two or three you are using with cheaper brands. I carry the small packs of these wherever I go because you never know when you are going to need one!



The Body Shop is one of my go to places when I know exactly what I want and I want it to be good quality. I used to live out of here in university and I still sometimes do.

This month my hair has been very dry and not loving life. So to combat this I have been spraying a little of this argan oil directly onto it after a shower to make sure that the ends of my hair is kept moisturized. I have used oils in my hair for a couple of years now but I have only just realised how much I love the smell of argan oil. So if you want lovely shiny and nice smelling hair pick this up!



I am not a nail biter. I am a cuticle biter, which is probably worse. My hands and my nail beds get very dry easily and I have a habit of picking at them and making them swore.

I have been using this oil every morning and night on my nail beds and it has dramatically improved my nail beds, they are much softer and less dry.



So I'm still watching old american sitcoms, no surprise there. But I have taken a mini break from Friends and I am now watching New Girl. I have watched the first couple of seasons before but just like Friends it always makes me laugh a second time round and I love all of the characters especially Cece and Schmidt are just hilarious. I'm sure you have all seen or heard of this show but if not put on your Netflix and give it a watch.



I am a book worm, I read everything and anything that catches my eye and interests me. One of these books has been John Green's Paper Towns. I am a huge fan of John Green's work, both on YouTube as a Nerdfighter and as an amazing author. His book "The Fault In Our Stars" helped me when my Mother was diagnosed and sadly died of Lung Cancer and I am very grateful to him for writing it.

Since then I have become a very loyal reader and his books continue to impress me. This particular book is about to become a movie soon, I very rarely watch the films of books so I thought that I would read this before everyone starts to talk about it. So far I have fallen in love with every character, and every chapter. I'm not going to spoil it for you, just read it.



In work we have the radio on for all 8-10 hours of the day, so I listen to a lot of music, this month I have been loving this song by Phoebe Ryan. I love the tempo and the feel of this song, it's so relaxing but not boring. I could listen to this on repeat all day.



The shop around the corner from me sell these for a very low price, so I am endangered of becoming the size of a house. But it's okay, these are worth it - maybe.



I love reading talented peoples blogs, my favourite blogger this month is my friend Eliza who has an amazing lifestyle blog which is beautifully written. She writes diary style entries, motivational posts and some beauty and favourites dotted about here and there. You won't get bored reading this blog. If you are after a good read, this is the place to go.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am slowly going to start getting back into my usual schedule from my holiday break so make sure to follow me on all of the usual social media and keep an eye out for more!




Hey guys! Even though it's been just over a week it feels like it's been years since I last posted I've missed you all so much!

As you know I went on holiday to Tunisia, and apart from all the drama over there last week it was beautiful, and warm and a lovely rest, I hadn't been on holiday for nearly four years, so I really needed some sunshine!

I'm gonna kick things off again with some design favourites, as you all know I am a newly graduated junior designer in London, so I see A LOT of design on a daily basis, both in the office and as I am looking for inspiration, I am going to use these "weekly favourites" as a way to update all of you guys what I am loving and for myself just to take note of what is catching my eye.

I love inconsistent logos I am a huge fan of Steven Sagmeister's branding with this type of logo, I feel like it makes a design more flexible and fun, it is easier to apply across an identity. I feel that right now these logos are really starting to become a trend and I'm all for it! It may be more work for the designer (as always) but I feel like it is totally worth it!

I love typography, calligraphy and hand written text. I love them even more when they come in the form of an inspirational quote that I can relate to. I feel that I always compare myself to how successful other are. Which can be a great motivator, but it isn't always healthy. I have a lot of role models - I am lucky to have such inspirational people around me. But I also need to learn that I am good and special in my own ways too.

Beautiful patterns make me happy! Especially when they are geometric and simple. These are traditional Japanese Patterns and I could honestly stare at them all day!

Okay, so take away the horrid QR code on the front of the bottle and you have yourself a gorgeous design. This packaging for Ghost Ship Rum takes my breath away with how they capture the haunted feeling and still have the packaging premium.

I love monochrome, so much that 99% of my wardrobe is black and white, but recently I have slowly started to inject a bit of colour into both my wardrobe and my work. This is an amazing way at adding hierarchy and emphasis on certain design elements. But also - it looks great, and can lift any design.

Last but not least my last weekly favourite comes in the form of a website. I am unsure if this is a real Starbucks website or just a personal project from a very talented designer. I am inspired by the gorgeous layout, the stunning product photography and the use of bright with neutral colours. It makes me want a Starbucks now.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you would like me to do more! I really enjoyed writing about my favourite designs and if you have anything for me to look at please let me know in the comments section below!




Hey guys! As I have briefly mentioned I am going on holiday on Saturday for a week so I cannot guarantee that I am going to be posting next week (although I will try!)

Holidays usually mean a lot of traveling and relaxing. I personally feel most relaxed when I'm listening to music that I like, and even though I am very self-concious of my music taste. I am posting my Spring Spotify Playlist for you all to have a look at.

My taste is a bit of a mix mash, so hopefully you'll find at least one thing that you like from this list to add to your own Playlist.

I always want to find new songs to obsess over, so if you have a playlist that you think I'll like, please link it to me in the comment section below and I will definitely give it a listen.




I really want to get into doing my nails more, I love it when my nails are all pretty and colourful so when I saw this polish in the Stylist magazine I thought that I would pick it up and try it out.

The packaging is beautiful and it really stands out from the rest of my nail polishes. The whole set of the liquid metal polishes are packaged in a similar metallic way with the only difference being the colour of the metallic. 

I decided to go for silver, I mainly only wear monochrome colours so I thought that this would go perfectly with my wardrobe. Which it does beautifully.

The colour really surprised me, I thought it wouldn't be half as nice as what was said in the magazine but it its, and it's perfect for me a beautiful streak free metallic that catches attention and still looks classic.

On it's own the nail polish doesn't last very well, maybe like a day or two and it chips very easily which isn't the best for me, as I am very lazy with my nails. But I had a good top coat lying around so the next time that I painted them I added this on top and it worked a treat. 

Overall I would have to give this product a 8/10 only because it doesn't last so well the colour and the way that it looks on my nails is amazing and for the price I can't really complain.

You can buy Models Own nail varnishes from Superdrug or on the Models Own site for £4.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I am going on holiday next week so I cannot guarantee how frequent my posts will be. I hope you all have a great week now that the sun is finally starting to show it's face.




Hey guys, I wanted to write something slightly different this time, for a long time I have been very obsessed about my skin, since I was 13 I have had a huge battle with my skin and acne and only now am I starting to realise to accept it, and learn things that are helping to control it.

One of the things that has a big effect on my skin heath, temporary and in the long term is my skin care. Now this is different for everyone depending on the person and what their skin type is, just incase you are wondering I have a balance between sensitive and oily. Which is a bit of a nightmare. Here's what's working for me at the moment.

In the morning I like to keep it very simple. After I have brushed my teeth I used my B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser (£6.99). This is a cleaning oil that gently removes the dirt that has built up overnight. I know that using an oil cleanser when I have oily skin sounds crazy, but it has helped give my skin a healthier appearance, and as crazy as it sounds, my skin is less oily. After I have patted my skin dry I wipe on my Superdrug Tea Tree Cleanser and Toner (£3.29). This gives my skin a nice clean feeling and preps it for my Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser (£7.99) and honestly I feel like I have been using this for ever, it moisturises my skin without it feeling sticky and it sinks into the skin quickly, which when I am in a rush, is very useful.  

After work the first thing I like to do is remove my make-up, the easiest way that I have found is to use my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.99). I then cleanse my face with the same oil cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the morning. After I have finished I use my only luxury skin care product. I personally believe that it is important to invest in something that is important to you. I have dark under eye circles that I have inherited from my Mum (thanks Mum...). I also know that my looking at my Mum is that her eye wrinkles was the only part of her face that ever gave away her age, because of this I have chosen to invest in eye care. My eye cream is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream which is £19.33 from Amazon, or you can get in the Kiehl's Store for £24.50 which is what I did, and I regret it. Get it from Amazon guys. Since using it my eyes are more moisturised, the dark circles are less obvious when I use this, and honestly it has lasted about three months now so I'm making my moneys worth!

Every now and again I like to use a skin treatment, now this consists of three things, spot treatment, face mask and exfoliator. I exfoliate my face the most as because my skin is oily, my pores are larger and therefore more likely to get clogged especially in such a poluted city as London, I will usually exfoliate my skin with a gentle exfoliator such as Superdrug's Naturally Radiant Micro Polish (£4.99) about 3-4 times a week, it is harsh enough to leave my skin smooth but not harsh enough to irritate it and make it worse. With my Good Things Five Minute Face Mask (£5.99) I usually use this at the end of the week as a treat, my face mask brightens my skin and makes me look less like a corpse, with oily skin usually come dull skin, so fighting this with a good facemask really helps and it gives my skin a lot of nutrients in one go to keep it healthy. I use my B. Treated Blemish Gel (£6.99) when I have my usual breakouts at the end of the month, I usually always have blemishes going on, I am not a good skinned girl and thats okay. But using this when I really needs it helps me put my make-up on easier and just makes me feel less like a spotty teenager!

Phew! So there you have it my full skincare routine, I hope that you found this useful in some way and that it helps you find your skincare routine. I will update this along the way but this is what is working for me at the moment.




I am a huge book worm, I will always have either a book or my kindle in my bag at all times, even in my teeny tiny day bags, I WILL swish a kindle in there, to me it's an essential. 
I read both fiction and nonfiction depending on my mood, with fiction I will read pretty much any genre as long as theirs words on the page, I'm game.

With nonfiction I pretty much only read design books, over the past 3-4 years I have built up quite a big library of design books. I have read the majority of them but usually my friends will ask me what books I get and it they are worth spending the crazy amount that design
books are.

So instead of telling people over and over again, this book review section of my blog will be great for me to refer my friends to, as everyone hates to repeat themselves.

So without further ado, this is my opinion of the design book: It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be - Paul Arden.

Design: The book on the whole is beautifully designed, the layout has been well thought out and because of this it is very easy and entertaining to read. The large pictures and beautiful typography makes me want to stare at every page like a art piece.

Advice: This book for advice is one of the bests in my opinion, it is short and sweet so you are not going to get bored after reading it for a couple of days and the advice is so simple and obvious you will feel yourself get annoyed that you didn't think of some of the stuff, and as cliche as it sounds, whilst reading this book a lot of light bulb moments will go off in your head. The book has good advice for ANYONE in a creative subject, not just graphic design, it discusses creativity and how to advance in your career and how to get better at your job - amazing advice and stories all crammed into one tiny book.

Conclusion: This book is a must for anyone who works in a creative environment, it is a small book so it is great for the tube or whilst you're waiting and because of the way that the book is set out it is easy to set down and pick back up again. The design is beautiful and will look good on any coffee table or book shelf and if you are a creative. It will help you, it will put a lot of things in perspective, and you will be better because of that.

I got mine from Brick Lane in London, but you can get it for £4.79 from Amazon.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, I have a lot of design books and products to review so if you are into that keep checking back for more!

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