I am a huge fan of Netflix, I like having videos on in the background whilst I am getting ready for work, eating dinner, cleaning my room, and pretty much doing anything. 

This post is a compilation of all of my current favourites from Netflix. I will be making this into a series as I have quite a lot of favourites but right now lets start of with these.

1. Friends (US)

I've been watching this non-stop recently, Episodes that I have seen a million times in the past will still give me belly laughs now. This program should need no explanation as it is hugley popular but incase you have never heard of it, it is a programme about a group of 20 somethings trying to balance their work and life whilst living in the big apple!

2. Stuck In Love (US & UK)

I first watched this about a year ago, and I suggest only watching this if you have a box of tissues nearby. This film really spoke to me, it is about a family who all have very different troubles with love and how this affects their lives. It has a happy ending, but it does take you on a emotional roller coaster.

3. American Horror Story (US & UK)

I am a sucker for dark films, and this one has been my favourite for a couple of years now, it's not that scary and you (should) be able to still sleep at night. It is usually very creepy especially in the Haunted House and Asylum seasons. It is also very addictive, plus, even if you do get scared easily, it's worth it to see Evan Peters' face. Each season has a different story and theme so it's hard to really explain the whole series, so it's best to go and give it a go, I can guarantee that you will love it.

4. Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (US & UK)

I love documentaries, even when I was a kid I would watch them about random things, so it's safe to say I've watched a lot of documentaries in my time. This is one of my favourites about health. It follows a seriously unhealthy Australian who has had enough of food controlling his life. He goes on a serious lifestyle change and not only does his waist line change but his whole body inside and out. If you are interested in nutrition or health you will love this.

5. Heathers (US & UK)

Guilty pleasure alert! This is quiet an old film, it's a dark teenage film that I can watch over and over again. It is about a couple of teenagers that try and take down the 'cool' girls in high school that are making everyone's life hell. It has funny moments and seriously crazy moments and the whole film is summed up with an amazing ending.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post, I tried to include things that were from both the US and the UK to help everyone out. As I will be doing more of these posts I will always try to include programmes and films that are not the obvious ones on Netflix.




Eyeko is a cosmetics brand that specialises in eye make-up, it has an amazing reputation
and celebrities will often mention Eyeko when talking about their favourites beauty products. The brand was created in 1999 by partners Max and Nina and they have since expanded their cosy team to include Alexa Chung who is known for her flawless eye makeup. Alexa joined the team as Creative Consultant in 2013 ensuring sell out launches of the make-up brand globally.
I am a eye make-up girl, I have - in my opinion tiny eyes. I have always found women with big eyes gorgeous and I am always trying some new makeup technique that can help give the illusion of giving me bigger eyes. Contoured eyes, amazing lashes and liquid eyeliner with a cat flick is my go to makeup look and I feel so confident when I have my makeup like this.

On Eyeko's website it states that "make for easy, fluid application that glides on and stays on." Eyeko is also 100% Cruelty-free and vegan which is something that I definitely support. 
This product has also won the 2014 Best Of Beauty Award from Red which I think it very much deserves!

I am usually used to my £1 liquid eyeliner that I have been using since high school, this eyeliner is easily to use, dirt cheap and has a pretty good wear, the only thing that I didn't like about it is that if you wore it for a day (say at work) it would start to crumble off at the end of the day, which really isn't a good look for anyone, especially if you are obsessed with your eye make-up as me.

I first found this in & Other Stories on Carnaby street in London and even though I already knew that the brand existed it was only until I had a good look at it in store (and did a couple of swatches) that I became interested.

I went home to sleep on the idea of spending £15 on a eyeliner in comparison to my usual £1 and then something happened that convinced me that this may be the perfect eyeliner.

I went to wash my hands ready to cook some food and the eyeliner did not come off... I washed again... Nothing budged... So after a couple of attempts to remove the eyeliner I resorted to using a nail brush to get the swatches off my hands! 
I immediately ordered it from ASOS.

As you can see the eyeliner is a brush shaped applicator that is easy as drawing with a pen. In the image above you can see how you can vary your line width from the thinnest (that I could manage) to the thickest stroke. This pen gives you an amazing range of thickness that you could play around with or you could easily redraw over day makeup to give yourself a more dramatic look for the night-time.

After a few practise strokes on my hand first I went in to see what it was like, and it was surprisingly easy. After about two months of not applying my usual eyeliner was so easy to use! The pen was not too thick or thin and I felt that I had full control of what I was doing. 

The pen was also thick enough to go back in and fill in between my eyelashes so I didn't have to use a pencil eyeliner to get rid of the small gap between my skin and lashes.

As you can see that this pen gives you extreme precision with what you are doing, I fully recommend this eyeliner for anyone who is new to makeup or even someone who wants to venture out of their old make-up bag and try something new, it is definitely worth investing in!

I also left this on to go out for a meal and drinks with friends and it stayed on amazingly well, it still looked like I had just applied it after 6 hours!

As for getting this off, I have to admit it is a lot tougher than other liners, the best way I have found is to apply your usual eye makeup remover onto a cotton pad and place it firmly onto the eye for about ten seconds. This will soften the makeup and allow for easy removal. The make-up remover I use is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Which you can get for just £4.99 in Boots, Superdrug or on Feel Unique.

This is definitely a new make-up staple for me and I will be throwing away my old £1 eyeliner as soon as I am finished writing this. I am currently looking for excuses to use this as I am obsessed with it right now!

I got my Eyeko eyeliner from ASOS for £15.00 in the colour Ebony.




Usually people who become designers will have a story to why they chose this crazy but exciting career path, for me my story began at the ripe old age of five.

When I was younger both my Mum and Dad worked long hours in order to make sure that they could give me everything I wanted. Because of this I usually spent a lot of time with my Auntie Jean. 

Going to my Auntie Jeans was the best! It meant that I could do tons of arts and crafts (and eat lots of yummy food). I would spend all day drawing, colouring and getting glitter everywhere. One day during the holidays my Auntie showed me a shoe box, inside it was cards that she had collected. She explained that whenever she needs cards, she recycles them and makes her own.

Every time I visited my Auntie after this we would design cards. I would sketch what I wanted to make on a notepad and then try to make my idea come alive. This was the first bit of design I ever did.

Then high school came around and with it brought MySpace. I was addicted. I would spend all of my time on there. And then I discovered a part of MySpace that allowed you to change the way that your page looked with HTML and CSS. Every week I would get bored of my page and changed the HTML and CSS to match what my mood was. I am no computer programmer by any means, but I learn't the basics of typography and layout just from this, and I picked up a bit of web knowledge that I still use today.

In the middle of high school I was faced with having to choose my GCSE's. This was very daunting to me. My Mum told me to "choose what you like to do, it's easier to succeed when you have genuine passion behind you".

After completing my GSCE's I decided to go to college where I studied Art and Design and Media Studies, I loved being able to combine these subjects together, I was learning InDesign and Photoshop in one and Learning AfterEffects and Premiere Pro in another, I had the perfect combo.

When the time came to choose not only a university but I also had to choose what course to pick I was confused again. I loved both Media Studies and Art so much, I didn't want to give up either. I visited universities and asked questions, read leaflets and researched. I found that graphics did everything, and more. 

Whilst on the course I loved it right from the very second. My tutor put up The Treachery of Images painting on the computer. He asked us what it was. He explained that this is graphics, that everything we see isn't what it seems, a beautifully designed bottle of water is still the same stuff as the Morrisons Value kind, it's just different designers and a different brief. Right then, the psychology of influencing people's decisions fascinated me, not only that but to do it in a creative way. I fell in love. 

Whilst on the course I worked the hardest that I have ever done in my life, and I loved every second. I graduated this year with a First Class Honours Degree, ready to take on the world.

I don't know what my life holds for me next, I believe that the harder that you work the more luck will come your way. One day I would love to become a Senior Designer I know that this will take time and experience, I also want to learn more about motion graphics, typography and computer programming.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, it was a bit of a rant but I thought that I would start off with the basics.

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