Hey Guys, long time no speak! I've been so busy this year with work and doing my own freelancing, so I've barely had time to catch up with you! So this post is lonnnng overdue but as I am going to Australia in October and Berlin during the Christmas Holidays, I needed to get this post out for you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this photo blog about me and my Dad's trip to Iceland. 


This trip was a birthday present off my Dad. Me and him went to Iceland for a few days in hope of crossing off one of our bucket list items, seeing the Northern Lights. We were told February was the best time of the year to see them, so we packed our bags and went.

As soon as we got off the plane I was in another world. Growing up in England we don't get really exciting weather, unless rain and wind is your thing. So walking out of the airport into a world full of snow and crystal blue skys was breathtaking.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring around the area and getting our bearings in the stunning but small city of Reykjavik.


After exploring and an amazing meal, we went back to the hotel to wait for our first attempt to see the Northern Lights.  

The tour guide complained of bad conditions with the snow fall making the sky hard to see. After travelling out of the City and away from light pollution we caught a glimpse of the lights from the tour bus... They were like nothing I have ever seen before. All the photos on Google cannot compare. The way that they moved was like a gymnast and their ribbon, they twinkled and slowly changed colour from green to purple. Even trying to describe it, I cannot come close.

Above you can see my horrible photo of the lights, my iPhone6 is great at taking photos during the day, but at night time, and when I need to set an exposure, it's not so good. I only tried to take a few shots and then watched and enjoyed the lights myself. 


After a successful night, we were up early and started out on the Golden Triangle Tour, one of the most popular tour routes in the country to see the Ireland's unique natural wonders.

You cannot take a bad picture in Iceland. We saw wonders such as the Icelandic Sunrise, the Geysers, Waterfalls, The National Park and Visible Tectonic Plates. 


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post, I am going to be posting photo blogs whenever I travel as I think it's amazing to document the places that I have been. If you want to follow my journey please follow me on bloglovin or on any of the usual social media. See you soon!




Hey guys, if you have been following what I have been up to you would know that in September I went to Amsterdam, I fell in love with this beautiful city and after going to Ann Franks house, I wanted to find out more about this girl who's diary is the most popular non-fiction book in the world. I picked up her diary in English (of course) and when I got home, started to read it, here is my thoughts on this classic, must read book.

Ann Frank is an extremely talented writer and from the first few pages I was hooked. Usually it takes me a chapter or two to really appreciate and get lost in a good book. This was a instant love, which shows just how great her skills were, even at such a young age.

She writes as if she is already an established author. With films that I have watched she is frequently portrayed as an extremely intelligent, quick witted and humorous woman. Her thoughts are extremely deep for someone coming of age, she writes of such serious issues regarding politics, feminism, love and puberty. She writes of issues that even as a 22 year old, haven't even crossed my mind, she is a genius.

The diary takes you on a emotional roller coaster, you can feel everything she writes about as if you were there. She writes of her frustration with her parents, her crush on Peter and how she pretty much hates and loves everyone in the house at some point or another. 

Throughout the book you can feel both her bad days and her good, her longing to be outside in the sun and the rain, and how scared she is of being found. You also feel the boring days, during the end of the diary, you start to feel everything getting repetitive, conversations, emotions, days, it's interesting as you read to see how Ann handles these situations, finding comfort in Peter's arms, reading, writing and studying religiously. 

I thoroughly loved this book, as I said during the end of the diary is does start to get repetitive, but that is realistic considering the situation that they are all thrust into. The diary shows a young girl, coming of age through extremely awkward circumstances and how she copes, her thoughts and feelings of issues about life, death and everything in between is extraordinary and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post, I would like to start doing book reviews whenever I finish reading a book, I am currently reading The Hobbit if anyone would like to join me.

What books have you read recently that you loved?




Hey guys! Today I am going to be doing a small Weekend Wonders, I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I would turn it into more of the photoblog style that I have been doing lately with a minimal amount of text as you guys seem to like them!

This weekend I went a bit art gallery mad, I was reading in the Stylist mag about a couple of museums, one which I have been to before and love it there and the other only opened this Spring. I try to go to museums as much as I can as I work in the art industry so I need to soak up as much culture as I can.

The first thing I did this weekend was go to Ann Veronica Janssen's, States Of Mind exhibition at the Welcome Collection in Euston. This installation is all about the human consciousness and an explores light and colour. The installation is a huge room filled with different colour mist. It is extremely disorientating as you cannot see anything except colour. You can see people only when they are very up close to you, but for the most part you are "blinded by colour".

It is an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it to everyone, it is weird at first, but once you get use to it, it is wonderful to let your body figure out where it is without your eyes to help. I will be going again, but for now this is one of the best experiences I have had in a long time, it is extremely unique.

I then got back on the Victoria line and travelled to Vauxhall to the Newport Street Gallery, this gallery is owned by Damien Hirst who is a renowned artist. Personally I didn't enjoy the exhibition that was on, I appreciate the painters work, but it wasn't my cup of tea, which is fine, I will be going back when another exhibition was on, but for now that's my thoughts on the current work.

Thanks for reading! Have you seen any good exhibitions lately? As usual I am available on most social media platforms for you to keep up to date with what I am doing.

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